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Professional Laptop Repair Service in Manchester

If your Laptop is giving you problems, then our expert Unitech Computers can help. We can quickly provide easy assistance for a wide range of issues, whether you are a home user, a small business, or a home office worker we can help. Just call us and relax.

We are the industry leaders in the UK for repairingLaptop Motherboard Faults, and deploy state of the art motherboard repair workstations which are dedicated to these specific and complex repairs. We are able to repair motherboards for any manufacturer.

We will remove the motherboard from the Laptop and carry out the repair(Reball / Reflow theGPU) as needed,GPU reballing is a cost effective way to permanently repair a GPU/BGA fault. We use the latest technology and high quality professional equipment’s to repair your faulty chip. Wewill also clean the laptop fan and vents clear of dust, also give your laptop an external clean so it comes back to you in great condition. We provide a graphics chip (GPU)reballing service at competitive rate with 3 Months warranty.

Screen, Monitor, LCD/LED Repair

If you have screen damage on your laptop, net book, notebook, we can fix it for you. Our knowledgeablenstaff is willing to offer a free assessment on broken part, replacement cost, and delivery time before we do any repair. (Ex: Physical screen damage, Internal screen light damage, Screen cable replacement, Inverter replacement, Dim screen)

  • Physical screen damage
  • Internal screen light damage
  • Screen cable replacement
  • Inverter replacement
  • Dim screen

Power Jack / DC Jack / Power Supply Repair

If your laptop, pc, net book, notebook is not powering up or charging, we can fix it for you. Our experienced engineer need to dissemble the computer and remove the motherboard from the case. Replacing the old power jack with the new one by soldering is necessary (ex: Not powering up, not charging, AC adaptor lose, Batter charges when the cable is on a specific position, No power light)

  • Not powering up
  • Not charging
  • AC adaptor lose
  • Batter charges when the cable is on a specific position
  • No power light

Keyboard / Individual Key / Mouse Pad Repair

Laptop keyboard is a form of wear and tear. If you have a key lost, some of the keys are not working or mouse pad not responding we can fix it for you. We provide keyboard replacement for all makers and all models. (Ex: Key caps lost, Not responding when typing, Liquid spillage on keyboard, Mouse pad not working)

  • Key caps lost
  • Not responding when typing
  • Liquid spillage on keyboard
  • Mouse pad not working

Hinge Broken, Hinge Cover and Screen Cover Replacement

Laptop hinges are quite fragile, and easily damaged in the case of accidental drop-off. It is also a part of wear and tear. A cracked hinge or a broken hinge can’t protect internal video cables and screen connections. We can fix, replace, or repair the hinge for you. (Ex: Hinge knocking off, Hinge drop off, broken hinge, cracked hinge, Screen won’t stay upright)

  • Hinge knocking off
  • Hinge drop off
  • Broken hinge
  • Cracked hinge
  • Screen won’t stay upright

Motherboard repair

We can fix video cards, IC circuits, ram slots, audio output and audio input, network cards and wireless cards on motherboard. Please contact us if you are told that the whole motherboard requires replacement.. We can bring the price down for you by fixing a particular part on the motherboard (ex: Graphic / video card faulty, Power supply damage, Memory slot damage, Liquid damage, Internet port damage, Wireless card failure, IC damage)

  • Graphic / video card faulty<
  • Power supply damage
  • Memory slot damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Internet port damage
  • Wireless card failure
  • IC damage

Laptop Motherboard Problems

A defective or damaged laptop motherboard can display several problems. A faulty power supply is a major reason for damaging laptop motherboards. Power supply fluctuations and spikes can easily cause damage to your computer
motherboard. A laptop may also randomly shut down due to overheating and dust accumulation in addition to other notebook motherboard issues. There may also be issues due to a manufacturing defect such as leaking electrolytic capacitors. In some situations your motherboard may be extensively damaged beyond repair. In
such situations the only alternative will be to replace the laptop motherboard.

Common Laptop Motherboard Problems

  • Laptop not turning on
  • No power at all / no signs of life
  • Bad failing BIOS chip
  • Blue Screen errors
  • Laptop shuts down randomly
  • Video display problems
  • Laptop components would not work
  • Laptop acts unusually
  • Dead laptop computer
  • No display or dim display
  • Laptop freezing or hangs
  • Startup and shut down problems
  • Laptop screen distortion/discoloration
  • USB ports not functioning
  • Laptop battery not charging
  • Damaged or loose DC power jack
  • Fan runs constantly, laptop operates slowly and generates heat
  • Missing NTLDR serious error message appears during start up
  • BIOS shows incorrect product number
  • Operating System Not Found appears on black screen
  • Missing Operating System error message appears on black screen
  • Sorry for the inconvenience, but Windows failed to start successfully appears
  • 162 - System Options Not Set Error Message
  • 178x - Disk Controller Error appears on black screen
  • Disk Controller Error or error messages during boot
  • Error messages appear on a black screen
  • PXE-E61: Media Test Failure error appears on black screen
  • Black screen displays with no error messages

Liquid damage on Motherboard

If you accidently spilled water, wine, juice, or any liquid on the keyboard, we can clean the keyboard and motherboard for you. Do not try to turn on your computer after a simple spillage because it is can cause a short circuit (ex: Motherboard cleaning, Motherboard repair, IC replacement, Components replacement)

  • Motherboard cleaning<
  • Motherboard repair
  • IC replacement
  • Components replacement

Laptop Hard Drive Issues

A hard disk failure is one of the most common laptop computer hardware problems. Generally speaking a hard disk
failure that causes potential data loss of can be a result of firmware corruption, electronic failure, logical corruption
or mechanical failure. If it is an electronic failure, the hard disk will be dead and will not be recognised by the laptop
and will not spin up. The hard drive will make ticking, clicking or knocking sound in case of a mechanical failure.
The noise indicates that the read/write head mechanism is incorrectly touching the surface of the drive. Laptop
slowdowns can often be due to viruses and spyware attacks.

Common Laptop Hard Drive Problems

  • Incorrect disk drive size / drive capacity<
  • SMART Media Test error appears when laptop starts
  • HDD has no function
  • No hard drive access
  • HDD has read/write errors<
  • A high pitched or buzzing sound occurs
  • Corrupted file system
  • Bad sectors on the hard disk
  • Defective motor (prevents drive from spinning)<
  • Slow laptop hard drive access
  • Bad hard drive controller
  • Mechanical damage to the read arm or heads
  • Corrupted boot record
  • Lost master boot record (MBR)
  • Damaged or corrupted file structures or partitions
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) failure<
  • Hard drive platter damage
  • Laptop won't turn on
  • Blue screen of death (BSoD)
  • Laptop keeps crashing<
  • Laptop continuous rebooting
  • Laptop freezes often and hanging
  • Water and other liquid damaged hard drive
  • Overheating hard drives
  • Dropped laptop hard drive
  • Sabotage or user damage<
  • Burned hard drive
  • Imminent hard disk failure error message appears
  • Hardware_disk failure appears after startup or boot
  • Operating system is corrupt<